The Ugly One (2008)

The Ugly One (2008)
by Marius von Mayenburg
National Theatre of Greece

(Photos: Lina Motsiou)

Translation: Giorgos Depastas
Director: Thanassis Sarantos
Scenography-costumes: Lina Motsiou
Choreography: Hermes Malkotsis, Eddie Lame
Music-Sound: Studio 19
Lights: Sakis Birbilis
With: Bessie Malfa, Gerasimos Skiadaresis, Sokratis Patsikas, Panayiotis Panagopoulos

The work's translation was donated by Goethe-Institut Athen.

Marius von Mayenburg is a German playwright of the young generation and his plays are frequently staged throughout Europe. Von Mayenburg is known in Slovakia for the successful productions of his plays Fireface,Parasites and Eldorado.

Von Mayenburg´s play The Ugly One (Der Hässliche) is a currently being staged at major European theatres. The hero, Lette, is incredibly ugly. He is not too bothered about it, since his is a world of inventions and a loving wife. Everything should be well. However, it is not. Why is an assistant sent to present Lette´s brilliant invention at a congress and not Lette himself? The boss´s answer is devastating. It´s because of Lette´s face. You cannot market anything with such an ugly face. The company cannot afford to lose its clients. The bitter recognition goes even deeper. Lette´s wife also thinks his face is horrible, although she has never said so before. Lette decides to act; there is nothing to lose. Away with the old face, here comes the new one! The metamorphosis is successful, opening possibilities, which Lette has not even dared to dream about. His relationships, his social status, income, they all undergo a dramatic change, even his sexual experiences. But the fairy tale comes to an end, and beauty, as a marketable commodity, changes into a nightmare. Once Lette´s face turns into a sales article, things start rolling and the face becomes unbearable again.
The Ugly One is a brilliant satire, full of fantasy and course, but liberating humour.