The American (2009-2012)

"The American"
by Alexandros Papadiamandis

Direction - Performance: Thanassis Sarantos
Music - Sound Improvisation: Lampros Pigounis
Lights Design: Nikos Vlasopoulos
Stage Design: Lina Motsiou
Production Director: Zoi Kanellopoulou
Asisstant Director: Dimitris Kerestentzis
Assistant Stage Designer: Christos Laskaris
Photographers: Marilena Stafilidou, Takis Vekopoulos

A theatrical adaptation of the homonymous classic novel byAlexandros Papadiamandis, that involves an actor and a musicianwho remind us the dimensions of the human solitude and the “uncured” suspicion over against the unknown or the seemingly strange.
The hero is “a stranger in his own world”. Of course, he is neither a stranger nor an American. He is a Greek emigrant who after 25 years of absence returns back to his island but no one recognizes him. He wonders by himself alongside the port, the island’s alleys and faces his family house ruins. Only love is what he hopes for. “The American” could easily be the story of an immigrant in Greece, today.
In the performance Thanasis Sarantos, as the narrator,interprets the character of Alexandros Papadiamandis’ novel in cooperation with the music and the sounds of the composerLambros Pigounis. 
A dialogue of Papadiamandis’ exceptional writing with live music. The atmospheric music of the piano in coherence to the language used in this classic novel make a unique theatre performance.